Stanbrook Abbey CCTV case study

Below is an overview of a project we got involved with in fitting a CCTV system to a listed building in Worcestershire. Working on a listed building comes with additional challenges to face when compared to business or home CCTV systems. Extra care is taken in the planning and installation phases to ensure our work complies with conservation regulations and guidelines. Please get in touch if you require any help or advice on a CCTV or alarm system on any historic building.

Overview of work

CCTV Worcestershire was recommended to the property maintenance manager to quote and undertake work at Stanbrook Abbey Callow End. The existing CCTV installation at Stanbrook Abbey had the recording unit based to the North of the site. The new system needed to be in phase two of the build (St Annes) over 350 meters away. For technical/security reasons the I.T manager wanted the new cameras hard wired to the existing recorder on the North side of the site. Due to the Grade two listed nature of the building we had to keep the cables very secure but more importantly hidden. Although this being very challenging we managed to keep the link completely hidden using the existing characteristics of building. All junction boxes had to be out of sight so only the cameras were visible, cameras had to be placed in discreet locations to keep the integrity of the building. As we were adding to an existing system all applicable programming was carried out to ensure the transfer on to the new system seamless. The agreed timescale/budget was successfully achieved. Due to our experience, we were also asked to undertake internal fitment of TV Systems in two separate areas. Again making sure that all necessary wiring and tv placement fitted with the buildings integrity. Once again completed within time/budget constraints. At CCTV Worcestershire, we enjoy working on historic buildings and were pleased to undertake this interesting and challenging project at such an amazing historic venue.

System Installed

  • A hidden hard wired 350 Meter Network Link
  • Phase two CCTV System for St Annes Dining Hall
  • Specialist Access roof work was undertaken for discreet camera locations
  • Power supply link hidden over 2 storeys
  • Concealed 42″ Monitor Installation for the Grooms Room
  • Additional Data cabling and Wifi Access points for Office


Due to the listed nature of the building we chose Graphite cameras as they were more forgiving on the face of the building.
The three cameras on the face of Saint Annes have been installed in carefully selected areas. These areas optimise camera performance whilst maintaining a high level of security for guests and staff members. The junction boxes for the cameras have been concealed into the wall keeping the cables managed, secure and hidden.


The I.T Team for the Abbey specified that they must be able to access live and recorded images remotely away from site.
In order to do this, we had provided a secure network link. The system has become part of a much larger mesh network meaning the team can view multiple sites from one location. We also installed a monitor (in picture) for live on-site viewing, this monitor has a HDMI link of which all cables were hidden.

We are here to help

If you are looking into installing a CCTV or alarm system we know how complicated it can seem with lots of different choices on the market. We can give you free advice and often meet potential customers to help them make the right choice when it comes home or business security.