About Us

CCTV Installers Worcester

After growing tired of seeing the larger companies low budget slapdash approach to security we saw an opportunity to provide a more customer focused approach.
We really didn’t approve of the cables here there and everywhere installations and wanted to provide packages tailored to individual buildings.
The same old low quality analogue imagery on crime watch has become a bit of a joke so from the day we started we vowed to only ever install High Definition systems and have been doing so ever since.
We have a great relationship with our suppliers and partners meaning we can install quality systems with first class technical support if any problems should arise.
” CCTV Worcestershire exists to provide high quality CCTV and alarms systems across Worcesterhsire, Herefordshire and the Cotswolds. We pride ourselves on great products combined with unrivaled service and support.”
Rob Lecesse

Owner, CCTV Worcestershire